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For a long while now I have been meaning to sit down and write a bit of an intro post, a short story of The Smallest Light if you like, and how it came to be here. For those of you who are curious to know more, I hope this blog post will give you a deeper dive into the natural home fragrance business I have created and the purpose behind my products.

in the beginning…starting The Smallest Light

Let’s begin by rewinding the clock back to around twelve years ago. I was happily settled in a much warmer, sunnier part of the world. Living on the Sydney coast in Australia, late 20’s me was coming through the bumpy back end of my saturn return, contemplating what the hell I was going to do with my life after leaving my corporate career. My job had been enjoyable in plenty of ways, but had also been making me feel increasingly numb and detached from myself, looking back with hindsight I suppose I was really just missing a sense of purpose. I wanted to do work which was shaped by the things I believed in and valued – but at that point I had no clear idea what I truly valued, what that work might look like, or which path would take me there!

I had been studying reflexology part time for a year or so and that journey led me on to begin studying a variety of other natural medicine techniques, including aromatherapy. Beginning with blending essential oils to make cleaning supplies for our home, I fell in love with using oils and soon started creating my own seasonal blends and using them in my own natural home fragrances and candle making. Alongside studying, I also moved through various admin roles within the Natural Health Industry as I tried to figure out what I wanted to settle in. Finally in 2017, two children and a few house moves later, we moved into our present home on the coast in Wales and I began to rediscover my longing for a more seasonal way of life.

With both of my kids at school and me starting from scratch in a new country, the stars seemed to align and I found the time and opportunity I needed to take the next step. I managed to pull together the required amount of self- belief needed and set about establishing the natural home fragrance and candle store I had been day-dreaming about…and so, The Smallest Light came into being!

the intention behind The Smallest Light

I believe one essential element of living ‘the good life’ comes from building and maintaining a strong relationship with the natural world and living in tune with the land around us. I have found that noticing and celebrating the changing seasons gives me a real sense of connection to the world, a way to see and appreciate the magic in the everyday. So I began creating essential oil blends that strengthen this bond through the ritual of candlelight and scent. Through the natural candles and natural home fragrances I create at The Smallest Light, I am able to share these connections with you.

We don’t all have the privilege of living in a way which gives us the space and time to get outdoors in the natural world all the time. If you are yearning to lean in to living in a more seasonal way, I hope that my products can offer a bridge towards that life. I hope that my seasonal essential oils blends can provide a touchstone for connecting with the cycles of the natural world, from inside your own home. I like to think that each blend can be a signal of the natural shifts in the circle of seasons, which in turn can generate comfort in the moment and a feeling of interconnection with nature.

The comforting ritual of candles, tea and a blank page…

Each of my products are made by hand from my home, here on the South West Coast of Wales. We recently converted a room here into a workshop/office and it is a huge joy and privilege to finally have a proper space to work from! My purpose when creating any product is to ease you through the year with essential oil blends and natural home fragrances that connect you with the shifting seasonal tapestry around us. Each natural candle, wax melt and aroma mist I make, is carefully crafted with essential oils chosen to support your well-being throughout the cycle of our year.

The Smallest Light goods are all naturally made and created for everyone across the whole of this diverse world we live in. I am committed to supporting and donating a percentage of profits each year to support the work of community-led organisations that improve access to the natural world to marginalised groups. Remaining environmentally considerate is an absolute priority to The Smallest Light. I am committed to using recycled materials to package my goods, even though this is an extra cost to the business and I continue to try and limit the carbon footprint of the The Smallest Light by using UK based suppliers.

what’s next?

Candles have always been a beacon of warmth and comfort to me. The action of striking a match and lighting a wick has a certain element of magic to it! A small moment of calm amidst a chaotic day, a signpost that it’s time to slow down a little and take notice of the present moment. I taught myself the basics of candle-making via online you-tube tutorials and many years of trial and error tests and now I am really keen to pass all my hard earned candle knowledge on to you in a more simplified way.

Natural Candle Making Workshop with The Smallest Light
Natural Autumn Room Mist Workshop – pre-pandemic!!

I began running small group workshops in natural candle making and essential oil blending in 2018. I absolutely love the feeling of gathering together with people over a cup of tea, to learn a new skill in a relaxed way. Since running the workshops I feel really inspired to encourage you to confidently make your own natural home fragrance products at home. Over the next year I hope to begin providing more easy and simple guidance for people keen to make their own seasonal blends at home, while continuing to make a small-batch and exclusive range at The Smallest Light which retains the joy and intention that goes into each and every product.

Given the current pandemic situation I have been unable to run any in-person events lately! So I am now seeking out ways to run workshops virtually and siphon my skills and knowledge into useful digital products and kits for you.

I hope I can begin to provide beautiful and easy to follow guides, which will simplify the process of making your own candles and natural room fragrances with essential oils. To receive updates from me on this new journey and to receive my monthly Circle of Season letters which are full of seasonal living tips – you can sign up to my mailing list just here.

a huge thank you!

Thanks so much for being here, for following along, supporting The Smallest Light with your comments, shares and purchases and for reading about the journey so far. Your support means the world to me and I always welcome your emails, comments and messages – if you are on social media then I’d love for you to find and follow me over on Instagram too!