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Summer Soy Candle Duo



2 x 120ml natural hand-poured soy wax candles made with pure essential oils.

Song of Summer – 120ml Soy Aromatherapy Candle

Contains LEMONGRASS – VETIVER – PEPPERMINT essential oils.

A sultry, sweet and energising blend of essential oils for summer, the season of warmth joy and self-fulfilment.

This feel-good season makes our hearts sing! Enjoy it with the fragrant company of lemongrass, a wonderfully energising oil and cooling vetiver which can help relax an overactive mind.

Together with peppermint, to stimulate the senses, this blend will be your summer song of joy!

Meadow Days – 120ml Soy Aromatherapy Candle

Contains LAVENDER – ROSEWOOD essential oils.

Lying in the long grass, feeling the gentle summer breeze…this blend will take you to the sweet wildflower meadows and long, lazy days of summer.

The soft, floral scents of rosewood and lavender are a perfect combination for quiet moments of relaxation, encouraging a sense of ease and release of tension.

Soothing any frustration and promoting a feeling of calmness and composure all summer long!

Every candle is hand poured and will give approx. 20 hours burn time.

To receive the duo gift boxed in a recycled kraft box (as pictured) – please select yes to the gift box option.

Each duo set includes note-cards, detailing the essential oils used in each blend and their emotional effects.



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