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Beautiful fields of lilac heather in autumn. Photo credit Annie Spratt via Unsplash

seek joy in every season


Welcome to my seasonal living blog and email community, come on in and take a look around. Each month, I share things to do, see, read, eat and find joy in, as the wheel of the year turns. 

Here at The Smallest Light, you’ll find plenty of inspiration & ideas, centred around simple ways to connect with the natural world and unearth seasonal magic throughout the year. 

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Are you seeking affordable expertise to tell your story and see your brand thrive online?

I provide freelance digital marketing services for small businesses & creative folk like you. Previously, I owned and managed an online store and understand what it takes to create a thoughtful digital presence, that not only attracts customers but still feels honest and true.

My services focus on content and platforms that work hard for your business! This includes content creation and strategy for email marketing, blogging for your business with an SEO focus and Pinterest support.

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Planning & writing creative email content.

Services can include setting up workflows, welcome sequences, creating lead magnets, defining audience segments and providing regular email content or one-off projects. 

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Creative storytelling for your business blog.

Blog content, done for you! Services include creating a content plan which suits your business, writing blog content, search engine optimisation (SEO) and image searches.

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Account management and strategy

From setting up accounts to creating and managing boards, plus defining keywords and creating content to pin. One-off brainstorming sessions or regular pinning packages can be arranged to suit your needs.

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This season on the blog

Photo of Laura McMahon, Creative Digital Marketing for The Smallest Light

hello & welcome…

I’m Laura McMahon, home for me is the beautiful coast of South Wales, UK. I offer remote digital marketing services to small businesses and creatives seeking to share their unique brands online.

The Smallest Light began life as a natural home fragrance & candle store, with me juggling all the roles as the owner, chief maker, lead marketer, accountant, daily operations manager, sales team, and customer services department. I understand just how much passion, energy and hard work it takes to run your own business and I am here to support you…

While running my online store, I gathered five years of precious and hard-earned digital marketing knowledge, building a small creative business from the ground up. I understand what it takes to create a thoughtful online presence that not only attracts customers but still feels honest and true.

To deepen my knowledge I studied for a higher diploma in digital marketing, expanding on and amplifying my hands-on experience with theory and structure. This blend of expertise equips me with a unique skill set that I can draw on for your small business.

So, what else can I tell you? As you’ll see in the blog, I love to write and create content around the theme of seasonal living. Aligning with our seasons is a concept sewn deeply into The Smallest Light as a brand and it continues to be an integral thread across the entire fabric of my creative work.

For bitesize seasonal joy in the every day, you can also follow me on Instagram and Pinterest too.


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