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welcome to the seasonal living blog

A seasonal journal dedicated to things to do, see, read, eat, wonder at and find joy in, as the wheel of the year turns. 

Forever inspired by seeking simple ways to connect with the natural world and the perfect company for your tea break!

February Seasonal Living List – A love letter to February

Though February is short, it is filled with simple joys, celebrations of love and most importantly, pancakes…

Lovely Gifts for Nature Lovers – A Shop Small Christmas Gift Guide

Making considered and sustainable choices to keep afloat the talented makers and creatives we love is a tangible way to make a real difference to small brands.

Here are a dozen of my favourite picks for nature inspired gifts this year…

Samhain Traditions – 3 Simple Ways to Celebrate Halloween and Samhain

Find three simple ways to celebrate Halloween and Samhain, seasonal traditions which mark the turning of the wheel from autumn to winter.

Your Seasonal Home || How to Scent Your Home for Autumn

In terms of natural options for scenting your home there are a number of simple methods you can choose from. Here are a few of my favourites for releasing the beautiful scents and benefits of Autumn essential oils.

Where the Wildflowers Are: A Journey into the World of Wildflower Folklore & Magic

The stories, legends, and beliefs around our British wildflowers are bursting with natural magic and mystery. The many tales that have been passed down for generations shape and guide our relationship with these ethereal plant friends.

Your Seasonal Home | The Best Essential Oils for a Naturally Clean & Healthy Home

Looking for a natural way to clean and freshen your home? Essential oils are natural fragrances, and they can be used to clean, refresh, and relax. In this blog post, I share my top 5 essential oils for a clean, healthy, and natural home.

Why do we celebrate May Day?

May is the jewel in the crown of spring, find out why we celebrate May Day, as well as simple ideas for celebrating at home.

Spring resurgence : why the spring season inspires change and new beginnings

Spring is the season of new beginnings, a time to start afresh with renewed purpose, and get back in touch with our inner selves and the natural world outside our door.

Spring equinox celebrations – 3 simple ways to celebrate the arrival of spring in your home

The spring equinox provides a perfect opportunity to prepare ourselves and celebrate the arrival of change, mark the shift in the season and invite the vital energy of spring into our homes.

Pancakes 101 – an easy pancake recipe for Pancake Day (and every other day of the year!)

A super simple recipe for making delicious easy pancakes this February plus a few thoughts on this seasonal celebration…

Tending the embers: 4 ways to support winter wellness

Tending the embers: 4 ways to support winter wellness

In this part of the world, our natural environment looks pretty dormant and well…bleak. Despite outward appearances though, there is potent magic brewing underground, nature is just resting and preparing to begin a new cycle – and the same can be said for us too.

Underneath those extra layers and thermal socks…we are but waiting for our time to thrive again. The challenge is – how do we keep our inner fires burning in the meantime.

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