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I believe that a strong connection to nature and our seasonal rhythms fills us with a greater sense of peace, belonging and well-being.

The aromatherapy candles & natural home fragrance products I create are intentionally crafted to both nurture this connection and support our changing emotional needs throughout the circle of the year, season by season.

Made purely with natural essential oils, each unique candle & blend is created to bring the spirit and magic of each season into your home, linking my journey to yours.

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Hello and Welcome! The story of my business is entwined with my own journey toward living slow and living well. I would love to share a little more of this story with you here.

I believe one essential element of a mindful life is maintaining a strong link to the natural world around us. I have found that noticing and celebrating the changing seasons gives me a real sense of connection to the world, a way to see and appreciate the magic in the everyday. So I began creating essential oil blends that strengthen this connection.

I first started studying natural therapies ten years ago, in Australia, where I spent time learning a variety of alternative medicine techniques, including aromatherapy. I fell in love with essential oils and began using them around our home, eventually leading me to create my own blends and use them in candle making. Finally in 2017, I had the time and opportunity I needed to take the next step and start actually doing what I had been day-dreaming about…and well, here it is!  

I create unique aromatherapy products blended according to the seasons. My aim is to ease you through the year with essential oil blends that connect you with the shifting seasonal tapestry around us. Each blend is carefully crafted to support your well-being throughout the season. Candles are hand poured by me in small batches, using only natural soy wax and pure essential oils.

My products are naturally made and created for everyone across the whole of this beautiful and diverse world we live in. Remaining environmentally considerate is very important to me, I use recycled materials to package my products and limit the carbon footprint of the business using UK based suppliers.

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Laura x

The Circle of Seasons

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