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As we pull on our raincoats yet again and wait for the warmth of spring to emerge, April brings the blustery winds of renewal and a welcome sense of new beginnings. From the swaying tulips splashing colour across waterlogged gardens to the welcome return of migrating birds and softly blossoming hedgerows, there is much beauty to embrace and plenty of small wonders to appreciate this month.

Opening up our lives to change, the name of the month, April, is believed to come from the Latin word “aprilis,” which means “to open” or “to blossom.” The buds begin to bloom and nature comes to life again after the cold winter months, gently nudging us to throw open the windows once more and venture out to see what this season has in store for us.

In this month’s April seasonal living list, I’m looking out for all the good things unfolding – from the magic of the bluebell woods to the mundane chore of hanging laundry outdoors, there are plenty of tiny joys to embrace and simple ways to connect with the natural rhythms of the season.

Bluebells & Magic Spells

Bluebells will soon be spreading their magical purple haze throughout our woodlands – a sure sign of spring in full swing. The bluebell is wrapped in legends and folklore – mainly involving mischievous fairies weaving enchantments to lure us humans astray. Legend has it that picking a bluebell condemns you to wander forever, lost in their magic.

In Scotland, bluebells are also known as harebells, as it is believed that witches can turn into hares and hide among the flowers. These delicate blooms are often also referred to as “fairy thimbles” and are said to be rung to call fairies together.

Do a little research in advance and you can find out where your nearest ancient woodland is. Below you can find a list of more than 100 Wildlife Trust bluebells woods, all free to enter.


Get That Washing Out

Each spring I wait impatiently for when (a) it’s not raining and (b) I can hang out the clothes to dry.

One of the small yet satisfying joys of spring is hanging laundry on the clothesline on a sunny day. Or risking it on a cloudy day and cursing the skies when you have to drag it all back in again.

It’s another tell tale sign that the seasons have turned away from winter and pollen allergies aside, there is contentment to be found in watching those fresh, clean sheets billowing in the breeze.

This year I am wondering if a dry day will ever come, but I’ll have those pegs at the ready for the first whiff of sunshine.


April’s arrival can be heard when the birds turn up the volume. It’s time to look out for migrating species like swifts and swallows as they return, and welcome back our resident birds to our gardens like blackcaps and chiffchaffs

Take some time to observe these feathered friends as they return and settle into their spring habitats. If you are as clueless as me about birds and recognising their calls – try a bird identification app like Merlin, and get to know your winged local residents.


A few tips for supporting birds in the spring:

Avoid the temptation to clean up the garden too soon. Keep any seedheads intact to offer essential food sources to birds, this will aid them during the busy nesting and breeding season when they need extra energy. Try to leave some materials for nesting too, such as leaves, twigs, and moss.

Bake It Up

Baking in the spring is a traditional and delicious way to celebrate the season and appreciate the bounty of all the fresh ingredients that come into season.

The Hot Cross bun has a long history which merges various religious connections along the way. In pagan traditions, the goddess Eostre, associated with dawn and spring, was honoured with buns marked with a cross. These buns represented the four phases of the moon and were offered to the goddess as a celebration of the transitioning time from winter to spring.

To celebrate spring as a time of new beginnings we can use our hands to knead and fold, creating baked treats that reflect the sweetness of this season. From flower-shaped cookies to pastel-coloured cupcakes, explore the link below for plenty of ways to get creative with spring-themed baked goods.


Ending on these apt words for the month by Robert Frost, hoping that April brings you plenty of seasonal joy and a generous sprinkle of springtime magic…

The sun was warm but the wind was chill

You know how it is with an April day

When the sun is out and the wind is still

You’re one month on in the middle of May

– Robert Frost

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