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What is seasonal living?

Connection is the word which sums up seasonal living in many respects for me. It’s a way of living which encourages us to develop a relationship with the seasons, which in turn strengthens our connection to this earth

Creating a Seasonal Home – A guest post with Zoe Hooley

How to create a Seasonal Home with natural decorations, greenery & children friendly ideas.

Spring equinox celebrations – 3 simple ways to celebrate the arrival of spring in your home

The spring equinox provides a perfect opportunity to prepare ourselves and celebrate the arrival of change, mark the shift in the season and invite the vital energy of spring into our homes.

The Story Behind The Smallest Light – A Natural home fragrance store with Seasonal Rhythm

For a while now I have been meaning to write a bit of an intro post, a short story of The Smallest Light and how it came to be here. I hope this will give you a little more background to me, the business and the purpose behind my products!

A Natural Christmas Home – Three simple and creative makes for winter celebrations

Creative activities, especially those that have a repetitive element, have been shown to cause the release of serotonin in the nervous system, leading to a sense of wellbeing. Since discovering this I have found myself giving more respect and credit to even the smallest crafty endeavour, reminding myself that every little helps.

Samhain Traditions – Three Simple ways to celebrate Halloween and Samhain at home

There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight. My memories of celebrating Halloween as a child are clear, a night of laughter and a seasonal marker in the year which signalled the onset of darker nights and colder weather.

What is the Harvest Moon : Fall Folklore and Moon Stories

Look to the skies in late September or early October and it’s likely you will be greeting with bright moonlight and a magical glowing orb, which seems so close to the earth, you could almost jump up and reach it. The silver ripples of light sliding over the ripe autumn fields is a truly beautiful sight.

Soy Candle Tips : 3 Ways To Always Achieve The Best Burn From Your Soy Candle

When creating each natural soy candle here at The Smallest Light, I take time and great care over testing, to ensure a successful burn, a beautiful scent throw which fills the room and a candle that lasts you as long as possible. However, occasionally you may run into a problem or two so I have put together a few tips to ensure you can get the best possible burn out of your candle.

A Creative Life Led By The Seasons – An Interview with Blogger and Crafter, Lucy Peltier

As Spring bursts into bloom all around us, we are faced with a season ahead unlike any other. As I write this I am looking out at clear blue skies and the start of a beautiful March day, but normal daily life has been upended for all of us. We can't go about our days...

Tales of Winter ~ our seasonal connection to storytelling and folklore.

Throughout history, humans have turned to storytelling during the long cold winter nights, our minds seeking stimulation, in need of a fire-side tale to set light to our imagination and open doors to other worlds.

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September’s Song – Supporting our emotions in Late Summer

September’s Song – Supporting our emotions in Late Summer

The last days of summer can feel so bittersweet, even more so this year when the UK has seen one of the warmest, sunniest summers for decades! Whether you loved or loathed the heat wave, saying goodbye to the long, halcyon days of summer can often make us feel a...

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