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welcome to the seasonal living blog

A seasonal journal dedicated to things to do, see, read, eat, wonder at and find joy in, as the wheel of the year turns. 

Forever inspired by seeking simple ways to connect with the natural world and the perfect company for your tea break!

Celebrating Summer Solstice – Simple Rituals For Midsummer Magic

Summer Solstice celebrations – the easy way. In this post, you’ll find a few suggestions for marking this beautiful seasonal shift with simple rituals and moments of stillness.

April Seasonal Living List : Opening Up

In this month’s April seasonal living list, I’m seeking out all the good things on offer – from the magic of the bluebell woods to the mundane chore of hanging laundry outdoors, there are plenty of tiny joys to embrace.

March Seasonal Living List: Embracing the Change

In this month’s March seasonal living list, I’m seeking out ways to embrace the change, explore new beginnings, and align with the quickening rhythms of nature.

February Seasonal Living List – A love letter to February

Though February is short, it is filled with simple joys, celebrations of love and most importantly, pancakes…

Lovely Gifts for Nature Lovers – A Shop Small Christmas Gift Guide

Making considered and sustainable choices to keep afloat the talented makers and creatives we love is a tangible way to make a real difference to small brands.

Here are a dozen of my favourite picks for nature inspired gifts this year…

Samhain Traditions – 3 Simple Ways to Celebrate Halloween and Samhain

Find three simple ways to celebrate Halloween and Samhain, seasonal traditions which mark the turning of the wheel from autumn to winter.

Your Seasonal Home || How to Scent Your Home for Autumn

In terms of natural options for scenting your home there are a number of simple methods you can choose from. Here are a few of my favourites for releasing the beautiful scents and benefits of Autumn essential oils.

Where the Wildflowers Are: A Journey into the World of Wildflower Folklore & Magic

The stories, legends, and beliefs around our British wildflowers are bursting with natural magic and mystery. The many tales that have been passed down for generations shape and guide our relationship with these ethereal plant friends.

Your Seasonal Home | The Best Essential Oils for a Naturally Clean & Healthy Home

Looking for a natural way to clean and freshen your home? Essential oils are natural fragrances, and they can be used to clean, refresh, and relax. In this blog post, I share my top 5 essential oils for a clean, healthy, and natural home.

Why do we celebrate May Day?

May is the jewel in the crown of spring, find out why we celebrate May Day, as well as simple ideas for celebrating at home.

A tour of The Smallest Light Candle Studio

A tour of The Smallest Light Candle Studio

A warm and inviting space, where I tinker away with essential oil blends and drink far too much tea. I spend many hours here pouring and infusing natural waxes to create home fragrance products which sing with the song of each magical season. Come on in and take a look around my candle studio!

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What is seasonal living?

What is seasonal living?

Connection is the word which sums up seasonal living in many respects for me. It’s a way of living which encourages us to develop a relationship with the seasons, which in turn strengthens our connection to the natural world.

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Soy Candle Tips : 3 Ways To Always Achieve The Best Burn From Your Soy Candle

Soy Candle Tips : 3 Ways To Always Achieve The Best Burn From Your Soy Candle

When creating each natural soy candle here at The Smallest Light, I take time and great care over testing, to ensure a successful burn, a beautiful scent throw which fills the room and a candle that lasts you as long as possible. However, occasionally you may run into a problem or two so I have put together a few tips to ensure you can get the best possible burn out of your candle.

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