A Tour Of The Smallest Light Candle Studio | The Smallest Light. Seasonal Living. Creative Marketing.

Hello and welcome to the studio!

Take a tour of the warm and inviting candle studio space I have created in my house. This is the space where I tinker away with essential oil blends and drink far too much tea. I spend many hours here pouring and infusing natural waxes to create home fragrance products which sing the song of each magical season. Come on in and take a look around!

In keeping with the values behind The Smallest Light, I have filled the studio with materials which reflect simple, natural living. From the wooden shelving which houses all the stock, to the wooden pouring table which has seen its fair share of wax spillage, I love having the warmth and neutral colours of wood around me.

When it came to designing the room, the most essential part was functionality and practicality. As a small business, I did not have a huge budget to play with, so I have made do with creative storage methods, repurposing furniture and picking a lot up from Ikea over time. I often rearrange and reorganize to try and make sure I am getting the best possible use of the space.

Every candle, wax melt and room atomiser is hand poured here and thoroughly prepped, logged and tested before it’s added to the online store then packed and posted out to you. Each cotton wick is trimmed and every vessel polished.

Beginning this business at our kitchen table, I really appreciate having a dedicated space like this and it means production is so much easier and more efficient. I absolutely did not expect the growth that I’ve seen in the last few years but it really has been an amazing and unexpected journey so far.

The natural, aromatic scents of my essential oil blends are ever present in the studio! I began creating these unique blends to remind us of the season, grounding us to the point of the year we are in and bring us back to the importance of nature in our lives.

After three years of making, each blend now feels like a familiar friend which I look forward to greeting every time the season rolls around. I love to see that they bring that rhythm into other peoples’ homes and lives too.

Running the online store and keeping up with all the admin means that I am at my desk whenever I am not pouring and packing. The numerous roles and never-ending tasks of a small business owner are many, challenging and varied – I have learned so many new skills over the last few years and thank the universe for coffee, Google and YouTube tutorials everyday!

If you have ever purchased a candle or wax melts from The Smallest Light, you will know that I always opt to use packaging materials which are eco-friendly and in keeping with the natural, seasonal feel of the brand. So it’ll be no surprise to see a lot of brown kraft cardboard boxes, paper bags and paper tape all around the studio!

Though I love the peace of it, working alone can occasionally feel a little too quiet! So you will usually find me working away with my favourite podcasts on to keep me company and add some chatter to this space.

It’s summer now but I am looking forward to another Autumn/Winter season in here – the busiest candle making seasons are so crazy and hectic but very enjoyable, I can’t wait to get those twinkly lights up in the studio!